Hi all,

It is with great sadness we report that Jeff Littmann, the president of the Wisconsin Cycling Association, coach, and owner of Attitude Sports in Fond du Lac, WI, passed away today at Froedert Hospital from injuries sustained after being struck by a car on a training ride. Jeff suffered head injuries after a driver hit him and Lauren Jensen. The driver claimed he was blinded by sunlight. Thankfully Laruen was not seriously seriously injured. More information will be posted at WICycling.org as it becomes available.

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We all love to ride, race, and be competitive but its moments like this, when one from our own cycling family it taken away from us, that we realize we’re more alike than we are different. So the next time you’re in a tough situation, remember to smile and that this is just bike racing. That guy or gal next to you on the start line, or hopping that barrier in front of you can be gone in an instant and might not be there next week.