Photo: SnowMountain Photography

Chicagoland... Still the best handups in the world

Photo: SnowyMountain Photography

  • Up next this coming Saturday the folks at BBVP want to soften up our legs at their non-CCC event at Dan Ryan Woods – Beverly Hills CX. This is NOT a CCC series event, but in the same location and still a boatload of fun and great way to get in some warm up/extra CX racing.
  • Then on Sunday the CCC series continues at Dan Ryan Woods.
  • Remember on Sunday the Chicago Marathon will be running its way around the city, so please plan your travel times accordingly to make it to DRW on time.
  • In general almost everyone is doing a great job of pinning bib numbers to their left side… but did you ever wonder why it takes One2Go a little longer to score some races? Ever wonder what your image looks like as you cross the finish line? One2Go was kind enough to share a few choice images with us here. It should be pretty obvious (besides the file names) who pinned the number correctly and who didn’t. Please make an effort to pin your numbers correctly so all categories can be scored quickly and accurately.
  • The CCC is putting together a few new playlists for you listening enjoyment during the day. Let us know if you have any requests.
  • Another note from our friends up North… Grafton PumpkinCross is on the horizon – next Saturday, October 17, 2015 at Lime Kiln Park, 2020 S. Green Bay Rd., Grafton, WI. The race is proud to announce some new course features for 2015 including a several hundred meter paved start & finish, PRO only (well, they may do masters 35/45 123s as well), the grueling sledding hill climb with a DJ hillside and an open mic for heckling (or giving words of encouragement…), and the death grip slalom descent! Plus local food vendors: Hop In Smoke BBQ, the local crepe food truck for morning, pizza, beer, drink. If that’s not enough the FIRST FOUR CCC riders to use the promo code: “TOLL” gets free entry to PumpkinCross. Take their prize money! If you weren’t quick on the draw, “CHX” gets 25% off entry fees. Register at:
  • And finally…  as the CCC grows and grows and grows and we try to give everyone a chance to race please remember that even in what should be similarly skilled categories the front of the race is going a lot faster than the back. As fun as mullet metaphors can be, if you’re in the back of the pack (party in the back) please be aware of  your surroundings… and if you are about to be lapped, please do the right thing and allow the leaders to pass you safely and as best you can do not interfere with their race. In other words, don’t take the best/easiest line and let the fast guys/gals fly by, especially if there are several people riding together who are battling it out for the win. And to the leaders (business up front), please be respectful to those riders you are lapping, let them know which side you are passing on, and take it easy. You are already lapping these poor souls, there’s no reason not to be excellent to each other. Thanks!